Linesville Cemetery
Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA 16424
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Welcome to the Linesville Cemetery
Talcott, Eliza Ann Biglow
Talcott, Eliza Ann Biglow

NOTE: This site will be updated February 1, 2014. It is updated approximately every 3-6 months. It is NOT necessary to register for a "user account" as there is absolutely no reason to have one.

This site is dedicated to the Linesville Cemetery and all doing genealogical work involving the Linesville and outlying areas. The official records of the Linesville Cemetery Association have been scoured and all available information gleaned from the pages.

Efforts have been made to make sure information is recorded as accurately as possible. If/when you find any mistakes, or have any additions or corrections to add � please contact me.

I would also love to have any photos and/or information you might wish to share on the residents on this cemetery! Our goal is to have as much information as possible.

How To Use This Site


  • The cemetery Overview Map shows you how the cemetery is set up and will help you find your way around the cemetery.
  • The Section Maps show you each section, row-by-row, and giving the names of the person buried there. This is a useful guide to help you locate other possible family members buried in the same location.


  • The Default Surname List created by this software, will only show women by their maiden names and often makes looking someone up difficult if you don't know their maiden name. However, it will take you directly to known information about the person - AND it also contains the names of the parents, siblings and other relatives of those buried here. NOTE: This section is currently under production and contains no information at this time.
  • The Master Surname List has women listed by their married name and also shows the Section, Plot and Grave number. It does not link (currently) directly to the person's information and it ONLY contains the names of those actually buried here.

Special Features
Add/Correct Information: If you have information to add or have found incorrect information, just go to the Submit Information Form and fill out the form - the information will then be emailed to me for addition to the site.

Help Wanted - Unfortunately, we have a large number of "unknowns" in the cemetery. I am slowly whittling the list down, and locating the residents. We have several known, sunken, graves, but have no idea who is there. We also have several people "rumored" to be buried here, but we have no information to support that they are buried here. LOOK HERE to see if you can help!

BURIAL PERMITS: Anyone buried in a cemetery needs to have an official "permit" to be buried. Cemeteries are only required to keep these on file for five years - our cemetery is lucky in that we have burial permits available for many of our residents. We don't have all (due to mice and some destroyed records) but we do have some dating into the 1930s, and many from the 1970s and up. This is a list of all those we have permits for.

PLOT OWNERS: Here you will find a list of known plot holders. This list is NOT complete as there are many blank areas in this data. You will see the name of the plot owners in bold, followed by the Section, Plot and Grave #s that they own (in that order). Some people own plots in more than one section of the cemetery (or row), so they will be listed more than once in the list. Then, to find out more information about that plot, go to the cemetery section map where that person owns a lot and you'll see a list of those interred in the plot.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your knowledge with us, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Fees, Rules, Regs and News
CEMETERY FEES - 2013 Cemetery Fees

Rules and Regulations for Linesville Cemetery.

You may see red ribbons attached to plants, shrubs and trees throughout the cemetery. Any that our caretakers have marked with a red ribbon, will be removed in order to maintain the aesthetics of the cemetery. Many of these have not been cared for by the families over the years and are now out-of-control.