Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA - established 1815
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Civil War



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration    Person ID 
1 Corey, Thomas H.  Civil War I11978
2 Forse, Jefferson  Civil War I72048

Military History

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military History    Person ID 
1 Adams, John  Civil War I47461
2 Aderhold, Frederick  Civil War I44606
3 Alexander, John  Civil War I41272
4 Allen, James  Civil War I10460
5 Allen, Stephen  Civil War I10435
6 Anthony, Andrew  Civil War I71622
7 Arnold, Milo A.  Civil War I32323
8 Austin, Hiram A.  Civil War I2835
9 Baker, Alonzo S.  Civil War I11016
10 Barnes, William F.  Civil War I41285
11 Barr, John Thomas  Civil War I52956
12 Bates, John Daniel  Civil War I53498
13 Beard, Alanson  Civil War I43376
14 Beard, David A.  Civil War I43378
15 Beightol, Thomas  Civil War I4229
16 Benedict, Willis Townsend Sr.  Civil War I12610
17 Bennett, Martin Luther  Civil War I16805
18 Boal, David C.  Civil War I74643
19 Bolard, James Nelson  Civil War I50502
20 Boon, Darwin J.  14 Feb 1864Civil War I32374
21 Boon, Francis J.  14 Feb 1864Civil War I32375
22 Britton, John C.  Civil War I76106
23 Brooks, Amaziah  Civil War I70842
24 Brooks, William Henry  Civil War I70837
25 Broughton, Addison P.  Civil War I72618
26 Brown, Joseph  Civil War I34524
27 Brubaker, Adam Henry Zorger  Civil War I34629
28 Brubaker, Andrew Z.  Civil War I34619
29 Brubaker, Hiram  Civil War I7850
30 Brubaker, Lyman Zorger  Civil War I34628
31 Bullis, Robert Lemon  Civil War I22138
32 Camp, Silas Casper  Civil War I78271
33 Campbell, Hiram K.  Civil War I40044
34 Carnes, Gabriel  1862-1865Civil War I2795
35 Carruth, Russell  1862-1863Civil War I37729
36 Chamberlain, George  Civil War I76872
37 Chapin, George H.  Civil War I49249
38 Chapman, George C.  Civil War I8313
39 Clark, Edwin  Civil War I70927
40 Coburn, Alpheus  Civil War I52266
41 Coburn, Chester H.  Civil War I51945
42 Codney, William C.  Civil War I19503
43 Cole, Sidney Whiting  1863-1865Civil War I32418
44 Conaway, Hugh  Civil War I31623
45 Confer, John Frederick  Civil War I72707
46 Coon, Daniel  Civil War I55142
47 Cram, Orville H.  1862-1865Civil War I2830
48 Crate, Thomas  Civil War I78463
49 Cregg, George William  1 Jan 1864Civil War I36966
50 Cruthers, Robert  25 Dec 1863Civil War I3227

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