Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA - established 1815
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Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, George Frederick  23 Sep 1899Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I76206
2 Burt, Brad Guy  27 Jul 1874Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I43330
3 Butler, Charles W.  6 Jan 1836Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I55036
4 Call, James D.  26 Mar 1918Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I75387
5 Chapman, Ralph Lee  14 Mar 1868Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I35480
6 Guernsey, Ruth Ann  24 Aug 1920Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I43542
7 Johnson, Harmon  12 Oct 1830Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I50741
8 Peck, Dane Lovando  9 Aug 1900Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I10751
9 Peck, Eudora Elvina  11 Jun 1866Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I31059
10 Rose, Bert  16 Sep 1879Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I10732
11 Webster, Fred Arthur  19 Apr 1871Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I42473
12 Woodworth, Kenneth Glnn  30 Oct 1923Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I10791


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bortles, Russell Clifton  27 Apr 2002Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I25914
2 Brazee, Francis  30 Jan 1871Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I10621
3 Broughton, Arvilla M.  2 Sep 1946Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I77394
4 Broughton, Edith E.  2 Jul 1940Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I77396
5 Brownell, Charles Eugene  30 Oct 1912Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I75794
6 Clark, Erastus  9 Sep 1883Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I47967
7 Conover, Eva Triphose  12 Jan 1953Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I42312
8 Crouch, Emily Jane  31 Aug 1945Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I42317
9 Dain, Almon Wade  18 Jul 1943Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I50686
10 Dennis, Nydia Pearl  31 Dec 1922Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I7593
11 Dougan, Ethel Leona  27 Jun 1931Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I58775
12 Gibson, Anna H.  17 Sep 1923Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I35278
13 Graham, Sarah A.  5 Jul 1870Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I77565
14 Greenlee, Lavina  8 May 1911Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I15883
15 Guiles, Luella  21 Dec 1947Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I10740
16 Holman, Henry Rawson "Harvey"  6 Jun 1921Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I12102
17 Kellogg, Brank  4 May 1950Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I75391
18 Landon, Daniel  1 May 1878Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I12162
19 Paden, Jacob  After 1816Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I29904
20 Peck, Amelia  11 Mar 1932Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I31272
21 Phelps, William  18 Apr 2013Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I24916
22 Shellito, Walter  25 Jul 1944Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I31698
23 Speer, Jane Louisa  8 May 1941Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I75795
24 Spidel, Samuel Lee  15 Aug 1959Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I39051
25 Sweet, Sherman  13 Oct 1928Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I50634
26 Thomas, Benjamin Butler  27 May 1930Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I42321
27 Warner, Mary  1868Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I983
28 Waters, Ilura A.  22 Apr 1962Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I31376
29 West, Robert  1860Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I982
30 Whaley, Helen  29 Oct 2000Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA I79539


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carnes / Mason  25 Dec 1900Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F7712
2 Chamberlain / Simon  28 Oct 1940Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F5934
3 Hancock / Persinger  4 Mar 1972Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F3392
4 Jackett / Bridgen  19 Apr 1899Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6626
5 Mason / Lyman  1 Mar 1860Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6499
6 Palmer / Smith  22 Oct 1907Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6444
7 Thayer / Pierce  1 May 1850Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6539
8 Thayer / Wilder  25 Dec 1845Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6538
9 Wheeler / Prindle  30 Apr 1868Ashtabula County, Ohio, USA F6549