Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA - established 1815
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Michigan, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alway, Luie  31 Oct 1868Michigan, USA I78190
2 Atherton, Pearl  Michigan, USA I76052
3 Brace, Lewis  17 Aug 1880Michigan, USA I74824
4 Burch, Lucy Ann  About 1839Michigan, USA I55581
5 Clark, Edward Arden  25 May 1906Michigan, USA I35664
6 Cregg, Anna Alfreda  21 Dec 1874Michigan, USA I18255
7 Ervin, Floyd Valentine  25 Jul 1865Michigan, USA I10662
8 Hall, Charles  About 1877Michigan, USA I14982
9 Henry, Albert J.  About 1878Michigan, USA I14975
10 Hess, Wanda Alane  1 Apr 1927Michigan, USA I71791
11 Jewell, Cora Cecil  11 Apr 1867Michigan, USA I42142
12 Johnson, John H.  About 1915Michigan, USA I39907
13 Kelly, Minnie May  25 Mar 1867Michigan, USA I36964
14 Knight, Fred  About 1861Michigan, USA I76066
15 Knight, Homer  About 1837Michigan, USA I55580
16 Knight, Maud  About 1868Michigan, USA I76068
17 Knight, Willie  About 1862Michigan, USA I76067
18 Mathews, Charles  About 1871Michigan, USA I10821
19 Merrifield, Nellie  28 Jun 1879Michigan, USA I75539
20 Rood, Ida Clara  5 Mar 1867Michigan, USA I36818
21 Van Tassell, Marion Blanche  26 Feb 1872Michigan, USA I31532
22 Young, Isabelle  About 1894Michigan, USA I47103


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bean, Levi K.  7 Jan 1886Michigan, USA I47978
2 Dennis, Patience Almira  19 May 1913Michigan, USA I11660
3 Graham, Samuel  1860Michigan, USA I23090
4 Hale, Weltha A.  19 Apr 1925Michigan, USA I15713
5 Lawlor, Dorothea Alta  19 Apr 2012Michigan, USA I78607
6 Lowing, Isaac  11 Nov 1876Michigan, USA I8887
7 Lowing, William R.  1895Michigan, USA I8949
8 Norris, Lavina R.  31 Jan 1892Michigan, USA I47979
9 Proctor, Lucinda  1895Michigan, USA I52005
10 Quay, Carrie Velma  5 MayMichigan, USA I5442
11 Scovel, Arthur James  21 Jun 1960Michigan, USA I76125
12 Warriner, Chester  1886Michigan, USA I11807
13 Young, Isabelle  20 Oct 1922Michigan, USA I47103