Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA - established 1815
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New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Eli  1809New York, USA I41275
2 Allen, Harriet  1824New York, USA I31515
3 Allen, Susan Ellen  11 Feb 1818New York, USA I77405
4 Anderson, Helen Louise  17 Sep 1836New York, USA I54049
5 Antinore, Alfonso  About 1906New York, USA I1774
6 Antinore, Mabel  About 1929New York, USA I1776
7 Arnold, Cynthia  About 1854New York, USA I44650
8 Arnold, Eli  27 Oct 1809New York, USA I44648
9 Arnold, Milo A.  8 Dec 1843New York, USA I32323
10 Atkins, Judith Ann  20 Jun 1941New York, USA I7238
11 Backus, Patience  About 1774New York, USA I43383
12 Bacon, Ebenezer C.  19 Sep 1816New York, USA I45993
13 Bacon, Zidana  About 1848New York, USA I67505
14 Bagley, Phineas Rice  About 1814New York, USA I52308
15 Baker, Hiram E.  Mar 1835New York, USA I58526
16 Baker, Van Buren  27 Nov 1828New York, USA I40168
17 Baldwin, Casper  4 Jun 1810New York, USA I40110
18 Baldwin, Phebe  About 1837New York, USA I49996
19 Baldwin, Phoebe S.  21 Aug 1836New York, USA I36426
20 Ball, Minnie C.  6 Feb 1857New York, USA I48939
21 Barber, Amelia Amanda  19 Apr 1809New York, USA I50345
22 Barber, Morgan  1 Nov 1818New York, USA I32351
23 Barber, Sally Mary  1813New York, USA I39139
24 Bates, John Daniel  11 Oct 1833New York, USA I53498
25 Bean, Franklin Benjamin  27 Sep 1827New York, USA I47980
26 Beardsley, Andrew  About 1824New York, USA I44219
27 Beardsley, David  About 1782New York, USA I40146
28 Beardsley, Jerome  10 Jul 1830New York, USA I29560
29 Bearss, Lewis  About 1819New York, USA I41317
30 Bell, Anna H.  1838New York, USA I43036
31 Bell, Clarence A.  1831New York, USA I43037
32 Bennett, Clarissa  About 1793New York, USA I76132
33 Bennett, Eliza  1813New York, USA I78569
34 Billings, Benjamin  About 1798New York, USA I68457
35 Billings, Lorenzo  About 1836New York, USA I68462
36 Billings, Loretta  About 1834New York, USA I68460
37 Black, Sarah  About 1807New York, USA I75807
38 Blair, Charles David  11 Mar 1840New York, USA I33702
39 Blair, Hugh Henry  11 Nov 1876New York, USA I74834
40 Bloss, Artemisia  1795New York, USA I8913
41 Bond, George  About 1887New York, USA I78603
42 Bond, John  About 1879New York, USA I78602
43 Bond, Lottie  Mar 1882New York, USA I78591
44 Borden, Lovina  21 Oct 1824New York, USA I73140
45 Bosquet, Francis L.  20 Nov 1905New York, USA I3676
46 Boyce, John M.  4 May 1829New York, USA I75778
47 Brazee, Jane  22 Oct 1833New York, USA I10629
48 Bridgen, Flora Arvilla  Aug 1852New York, USA I40231
49 Brooks, Henry  10 Aug 1814New York, USA I30952
50 Broughton, Amanda  4 Jun 1828New York, USA I40072

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blair, Hugh Henry  7 Jan 1877New York, USA I33700
2 Brooks, Mary A.  16 Feb 1853New York, USA I47872
3 DeArment, Margaret  Oct 1926New York, USA I79355
4 Irons, John  4 May 1830New York, USA I11684
5 Lisk, Ebenezer  14 Sep 1862New York, USA I47871
6 Lowing, James  6 May 1859New York, USA I8880
7 Lowing, William  29 Dec 1802New York, USA I8874
8 Luke, Margaret C.  5 Jan 1945New York, USA I12270
9 McAdam, Thomas  19 Apr 1907New York, USA I33705
10 Rauch, Irvin Richard  22 Aug 1972New York, USA I20
11 Rechenberger, George Maurice  22 Mar 1942New York, USA I77787
12 Schmoke, Lucean Thomas  5 Nov 1982New York, USA I4857
13 Smith, Carrie  29 Nov 1908New York, USA I9367
14 Unknown, Harriet  Jun 1860New York, USA I47974
15 Van Buren, Martha Olive  17 Oct 1881New York, USA I76824
16 Warriner, Samuel  31 Aug 1813New York, USA I72616
17 Whaley, William Wells  1903New York, USA I12480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wicks, Laura J.  13 Jul 1925New York, USA I49016


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bollard / Robertson  31 Dec 1933New York, USA F3949
2 Eldridge / Lowing  1802New York, USA F6692
3 How / Lowing  19 Jul 1906New York, USA F6528
4 Rudler / Campbell  26 FebNew York, USA F6668


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Hancock / Lawlor  Mar 1954New York, USA F7343