Wallace Avenue, Linesville, Crawford County, PA - established 1815
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New Jersey, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Abigail  21 Aug 1785New Jersey, USA I10472
2 Allen, George  Between 1725-1730New Jersey, USA I10405
3 Allen, J. Bradford  31 Mar 1816New Jersey, USA I15392
4 Allen, Jonathan  New Jersey, USA I10465
5 Allen, William  Between 1694-1699New Jersey, USA I10407
6 Barnes, Peter  3 Dec 1817New Jersey, USA I44756
7 Beck, Mary  About 1744New Jersey, USA I52331
8 Bell, Mary  24 Oct 1748New Jersey, USA I68399
9 Bishop, Benjamin  About 1728New Jersey, USA I8820
10 Bishop, David  About 1726New Jersey, USA I8819
11 Bishop, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1655New Jersey, USA I8826
12 Bonam, James  16 Apr 1828New Jersey, USA I40178
13 Bunnell, Jane  27 Feb 1809New Jersey, USA I6992
14 Bunnell, Susannah Keats  15 Feb 1765New Jersey, USA I8713
15 Campbell, Charles  4 May 1797New Jersey, USA I13844
16 Conover, Phebe  15 Dec 1815New Jersey, USA I76051
17 Dunn, Asa  1780New Jersey, USA I68604
18 Dunn, James  16 Jun 1745New Jersey, USA I68602
19 Force, Isaac  1795New Jersey, USA I4186
20 Freeman, Alexander  New Jersey, USA I13925
21 Fritz, Catherine  Jan 1811New Jersey, USA I6988
22 Gaskill, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1769New Jersey, USA I68760
23 Gee, Hannah  About 1805New Jersey, USA I39880
24 Hazen, Nathaniel  17 Mar 1744New Jersey, USA I68398
25 Kimple, John  2 Nov 1802New Jersey, USA I77890
26 Lewis, Elisabeth  About 1795New Jersey, USA I74672
27 Line, Isaac  8 Apr 1806New Jersey, USA I14725
28 Line, Joseph  4 Mar 1804New Jersey, USA I14995
29 Line, Mary Vail  9 Oct 1816New Jersey, USA I15359
30 Linn, Andrew  29 Nov 1785New Jersey, USA I13840
31 Lyon, Raymond Harrison  11 Jun 1853New Jersey, USA I18721
32 McKee, Martha  1 Aug 1865New Jersey, USA I76099
33 Miller, Nancy C.  28 Aug 1797New Jersey, USA I2862
34 Miller, William  30 Apr 1804New Jersey, USA I12289
35 Murphy, Agness  12 Feb 1802New Jersey, USA I65190
36 Newbold, Barzillia  8 Jul 1767New Jersey, USA I68759
37 Osler, Asa  About 1798New Jersey, USA I76254
38 Patterson, Edward P.  New Jersey, USA I75238
39 Potter, Samuel  16 Sep 1773New Jersey, USA I12386
40 Powlson, Margaret  9 Jan 1802New Jersey, USA I19493
41 Ragon, Cordelia  About 1881New Jersey, USA I47006
42 Rosenbaum, Richard W.  About 1864New Jersey, USA I79423
43 Ryerson, George  6 Apr 1802New Jersey, USA I78517
44 Sabin, Mariah  About 1830New Jersey, USA I44852
45 Sigler, Dayton  14 Mar 1820New Jersey, USA I22362
46 Smith, Andrew Jackson  24 Aug 1842New Jersey, USA I34752
47 Smith, John  4 Dec 1779New Jersey, USA I12998
48 Splitstone, Anna  About 1912New Jersey, USA I35018
49 Splitstone, Jenette C.  About 1918New Jersey, USA I35020
50 Splitstone, John Ragon  About 1916New Jersey, USA I35019

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, William  Nov 1756New Jersey, USA I10407
2 Allen, William  Mar 1781New Jersey, USA I10503
3 Bishop, Moses  1760New Jersey, USA I8723
4 Bishop, Moses  1776New Jersey, USA I8714
5 Garwood, Elizabeth  New Jersey, USA I8773
6 Garwood, John  New Jersey, USA I8771
7 Garwood, Joseph  1781New Jersey, USA I8775
8 Hamilton, Emma  10 Jun 1917New Jersey, USA I32331
9 Linn, Alexander  New Jersey, USA I14028